Many years ago my niece Aimee told me about a food disaster she’d had trying to recreate Grandma’s (Mrs S’s) jerk chicken.

I was thrilled that she was at least trying to cook and told her I would send her some simple recipes. She’s since grown up and bought a house. I never sent her the recipes. Bad auntie.

Here sister Hayley, recounted an unfortunate episode with Grandma’s chicken and the microwave. I knew my track record and didn’t offer any recipes. Bad auntie the sequel.

I promised my friend Sally some simple soup recipes. I never got around to it. Bad friend.

I promised Helen Fawkes a recipe for squidgy chocolate cake. I still haven’t passed it on – she’s probably gone off chocolate since then. Bad friend twice over.

Most recently, I promised my friend Amie (same name, different spelling) some simple cook-from-scratch recipes. There’s hope.

I’m not a chef. I don’t work with measurements so this blog may get a bit complicated or I might find I (or even you) give up early on. But I’ll give it a go.

I’m concerned about the growing number of people who are struggling to put decent food on their table because they can’t afford to and even if they could, they don’t have the time.

I want to help.

The aim of this blog is to help you to help yourself – starting with Aimee, Amie and Hayley. Ready, girls?



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